• Just a cool old convertible parked at Trader Joe’s

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    November 26, 2016 /  Cars, Other Stuff


    I saw this cool convertible today while shopping for groceries at Trader Joe’s. Not perfectly restored. Just an old mid-sized General Motors car from the mid-60s. It’s yellow paint is faded and it’s front bumper is twisted. This one is a survivor. Most of it’s brothers and sisters have gone on to the wrecking yard. Somebody is still driving and enjoying this one. It’s not a 442 or a rare muscle car version of the Cutlass, but the top goes down and when you hit the accelerator the high compression V8 still roars. No GPS. No satellite radio. No computer in the dashboard. Fake factory wire wheel covers. But here it sits next to all the suburban SUVs and high tech bubble cars. It’s just nice to know that some of these cars still exist. olds_2

    Posted by snowdoggie @ 8:24 pm

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